5 incredible benefits of composting

October 1, 2020 Published by: Azgari Lipshy

Composting is a way that you can take care of the environment naturally and bring yourself benefit as well. Decomposition of organic matter into soil is nature’s way of recycling the old to feed and nourish the new. By using what nature does already, we can help grow better crops to feed ourselves and make sure that our organic waste is not left to rot in landfills and dumps.

Unfortunately, organic wastes like yard debris and food scraps make up more than 28% of our landfills, and despite composting getting more attention, that number is not decreasing very rapidly. If we took all of this waste and composted it instead, not only would we have better soil for growing food, but we’d also help to reduce the waste problem around the world.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some of the big benefits to composting and using compost:

1. Enriching Soil

Adding compost boosts the quality of your soil and can help improve crop yields and speed of growth. Farms across the United States are beginning to notice the benefits of using compost on their soil.

2. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Decomposing organic matter releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas that can damage our atmosphere. Waste in landfills is a huge source of methane. Composting organic waste instead locks the carbon from the methane back into soil, significantly reducing the amount of methane emitted into the atmosphere.

3. Air quality improvement

Landfills are an obvious source of poor air quality, but activities like open-air burning of yard debris and other green waste can release pesticide toxins into the atmosphere and reduce air quality as well. Using these materials in compost traps them where decomposition bacteria can help break down these toxins and improve air quality.

4. Erosion Control, Biodiversity, and Soil Preservation

Compost is full of healthy microbes that inhabit the soil and improve plant growth. This increase in biodiversity is what allows for plants to take up more nutrients from the soil and the soil to replenish the nutrients it gives. Compost is also excellent at absorbing water, which means your soil is less likely to dry out and erode away or become unusable for plants.

5. Cost-effectiveness

In many places around the country, you have to pay to dump your yard trash. Instead of paying to haul it off, use it right at home or on the farm to replenish the nutrients in your soil. You may also save money on fertilizer costs, because compost already contains Nitrogen and Phosphorus to keep your plants growing strong! You save money, and get better plants. It’s a win-win!

Depending on your time commitment, space, and skill level, composting can be an easy or a challenging task. If you don’t want to compost yourself, you can always purchase compost online. At Indianhead, we pride ourselves on giving our customers access to the highest quality compost for applications from golf courses to farmland, all while making a more sustainable environment for everyone!

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