Indianhead believes in giving customers access to quality compost and ensuring their soil has all the nutrients required for a healthy growing experience. Since setting up shop in 2009, we have consistently strived to make an impact on our clients and the environment we operate. Besides ensuring that our clients get access to premium compost, we also assist our clients with the disposal of yard debris and concrete. Our facility strives to become carbon neutral with every tonnage of debris we take in.

We are committed to transforming our client’s growing experience with our expert services and best products.

Dr. Roy Hinman II


Indianhead believes that compost manufacturing, recycling of debris and biomass utilization are vital to making the environment as resource sustainable as possible. We strive to provide premium compost to North Florida residents, giving them access to a sustainable and more effective way to achieve healthier soil, be it in personal yards, farmlands or golf courses. We aspire to provide the best debris recycling and concrete disposal services with a state-of-the-art recycling facility. Our facility strives to become carbon neutral with every tonnage of debris we take in.


Indianhead is a quintessential American brand that manufactures compost locally. We are committed to serve the thriving North Florida community and contribute to the local economy. Indianhead acknowledges that different circumstances demand different approaches to composting. We strive to provide the residents with a comprehensive product line to enrich their soil and transform their growing experience. All the yard debris collected by our facility is processed into usable aggregate material, ensuring a sustainable environment. Our goal is to be the preferred brand for both composts and yard disposal in North Florida, with a strong reputation for providing personalized services to our customers.

Meet the team

Our dedicated team is always ready to transform your growing experience with our products and services.

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VP, Business Development

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Engineering Advisor