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What is Compost?

The word ‘compost’ originates from the French word composte, which means ‘to put something together’.Understandably, our organic compost puts together your soil and a fertile top layer, promoting healthy growth.

Indianhead primarily has two types of composts: ¼ inch minus and ¾ inch minus. Both of the composts serve different purposes. ¼ inch minus is beneficial for golf course owners and owners of personal yards while ¾ inch minus helps owners of Agricultural Farmlands prevent erratic produce and increase productivity.

Adding compost in the soil significantly improves soil structure. The organic matter nourishes the soil with vital minerals and nutrients which are crucial for the growth.

There are tons of benefits one can reap, using compost notably reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. It helps in enriching the soil by retaining moisture and reducing plant-related diseases and pests.

Compost is readily available from a multitude of suppliers. However, it is a lot more convenient to have it delivered. Indianhead has well-cured, finely textured, and fully organic composts. The composts are created using high carbon compound and heat methods.

No, we don't visit one's place to pick debris. However, we have lots of people dropping off green waste (yard debris, clippings and branches) and clean concrete at our state-of-the-art facility.